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Airplanes are happier on grass!

The year is slowly coming to an end and COPA Flight 35 had another busy but rewarding year. It started with our annual Rust Remover in January where we hosted close to 200 pilots and guests with our guest presenter Patrick Gilligan from COPA National updating us on the Canadian Government’s recent legislation and its effects on general aviation. We also had other presenters from Transport Canada as well as Nav Canada that made this seminar applicable for pilot licence recurrency that is mandatory every two years.


In April several of COPA 35’s members flew to Neepawa where we assisted COPA Flight 162’s COPA for Kids event. This is an annual event and was attended by 30+ kids aged 8-17 years.


In May was the annual 99er’s Poker Derby with the BBQ provided by COPA 35. This annual event really puts the summer flying season in motion, and has done so for many years and will continue.


June came along and COPA Flight 35 and St Andrews’ airport hosted COPA’s National Convention. This was a major undertaking with planning taking almost one year. The event consisted of the AGM and awards banquet at St Andrews a barbeque at Lyncerst Airport and tours at Aero Recip, Canadian Propeller, Nav Canada facilities, St. Andrews Tower. The tours were very well received and we thank the hosts for extending their hospitality to our guests from across Canada. The weekend was capped of with a fly-out supper to the Steinbach golf course restaurant for supper and dessert in Beausejour hosted by Len Wilkie.  Sunday morning came quickly and COPA 35 provided a departure breakfast for all those who flew to Lyncrest.  All said, the weekend was a huge success with many memories and friendships rekindled. We thank the Springfield Flying Club for providing the venue for bbq, Ross Robinson for the venue for the banquet and Jim Aiken for the venue for the AGM. The Convention was very well attended with some 120 registered guests from all across Canada.


August was the annual Springfield Flying Club bbq. This is a major event as many of its members are members of other organizations such as COPA 35, EAA 63, RAA Manitoba, the 99er’s and others. This is a great time with many flying or driving in Saturday night and camping and enjoying an evening of friendship and camaraderie. The weekend is topped off with the BBQ lunch on Sunday.


On Monday September 7th was the annual fly-out to the Peace Gardens. The weather was great and the event was well attended by both Canadians and Americans. After the excellent buffet lunch there were presentations by US Customs and Border Protection and well as flying stories by pilots from both sides of the border. This will happen again in 2016.


On Sunday September 27 was COPA 35’s annual COPA for Kids event. This was our rain date as the Saturday was not fit for flying kids. Safety and enjoyment for all is what its all about. Over 100 kids 8-17 years of age participated and the day ended with many smiles looking forward to 2016.


We are entering out 14thyear and we are all looking forward to another successful year. The wings are already in motion.


Harry Wiebe

COPA Flight 35


COPA Flight # 35

    2015 Update


    Winnipeg, Manitoba