Aeronca Champ

My Aeronca Champ, CF-ERY, began life at the Aeronca factory in Middeltown, Ohio March 19, 1947. It was imported into Canada on July 3, 1947 with a total of 96:40 hours of flying time. Tom Story, a farmer in Miami, Manitoba, purchased the aircraft on May 21, 1948 and sold it to me on June 10, 1992. During its life on the farm the Champ lived in a "T" hanger and I understand was used quite extensively for hunting coyotes. I have all the journey log books back to the time of import into Canada.

I have done a lot of restoration to the Champ over the years, including replacing the wooden spars and recovering the wings in 2002. Today the airplane is in my "T" hanger at Lyncrest and in good flying shape and maintained as a certified aircraft. With the exception of a modern day turn and bank, a radio and intercom the airplane is original including a mighty 65 horse power Continental engine.

The airplane is great fun to fly and has provided countless hours of enjoyment to all our family from my father through to all the grandchildren. While not the greatest cross country machine at 75-80 mph, I have flown it to Dauphin, The Pas and Red Lake on numerous occasions. Burning only 3.5 gallons per hour makes for very affordable flying. Recently our son Mark was bitten by the flying bug via the Champ; he has enrolled in a private pilot course and is anxiously awaiting the return of spring. Mark plans on getting his licence this summer and be ready to fly in a "real" airplane before the snow falls.

Jerry Mason

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