Zenair CH250C-FIJM is a Zenair CH250.

This Zenair CH250 was built from plans over an eleven year period. First flight was on September 4, 1993. Several modifications have changed the plane’s appearance from the original design. The modifications are a gull wing canopy rather than a forward sliding bubble canopy and nose wheel similar to a Cessna. This eliminated the offset nose wheel strut and need for a nose wheel lock.

The aircraft was built with the aerobatic spar, this increased the weight limit to 1500 lbs. from the original 1200. The design has an unusual center mounted control stick which I found very easy to get used to and quite comfortable, especially on longer flights. The design also offers excellent visibility.

Zenair CH250

You never seem to be too high to make the runway, with a short wing span and large flaps steep descents are possible, in this case adding power to slow the descent may be necessary. Powered by a Lycoming 0320 with a Warp Drive propeller this aircraft is a good performer, with no bad habits. Several Pilots, who flew this aircraft for many hours shortly after it was built, now own similar models.

This rugged aircraft was designed by Chris Heintz while he worked for Avions Pierre Robin in France. He was also involved in the design of the Concorde and later became the Chief Design Engineer for DeHavland. The design is not complex utilizing straight lines, simple curves and common materials for ease of construction. The CH250 design eventually became the basis for the certified model 2000. The 250 is no longer produced as a kit, it has been replaced by simpler and lighter 601 models.

Ken Podaima

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