Piper CubI purchased CF-MVL in 1989. It had been hangared pretty much all its life and it had 30 year old cotton before I started the rebuild. The cotton was still pretty good but it was starting to look ratty. I flew it for 3 years before deciding to recover it in the winter of 1991-92. In the recover job the wood stringers were replaced with Super Cub aluminum stringers, cowlings, boot cowlings, and wing tip bows were replaced. No repairs were made on the fuselage; everything else was in good shape. I used the Stits process for the recovering. CF-MVL is 99% original.

It is powered with a C-85 and there are no electrics so it must be hand started. The engine is in excellent running condition and has about 800 hours since last major. I havenít done anything other than routine maintenance and it runs like a top.

The first owner was Max Conrad who used to fly light aircraft across the Atlantic to England. I still have the number one logbook. When it was new it was based in the Minneapolis area and Al Bartlett brought it into Canada around 1960. Al sold it to a pilot in Portage and he had it for 27 years before I bought it.

I have flown it in the winter to Warroad for the seaplane fly in and I won the trophy for the oldest skis.

I have flown to many of the local airports. A Cub is the ideal low and slow flying airplane.

John Blackner