Van's RV-8

C-FQVQ is a Van's RV-8 two seat tandem taildragger aircraft.

I began construction in early 2002, with construction of the empenage kit. The quick build fuselage and wings were ordered in Apr.2003. The finishing kit, with canopy, cowel, spinner, prop, ect. was ordered in Mar.2004. The engine was supplied locally by Skyparts Aviation in Jan.2004.

Construction was done mostly in my basement. It was necessary to remove the door jam and widen about 4 inches to get the fuselage out. Final assembly was done in the RAA hanger at Lyncrest.

Van's RV-8

Final inspection was on Nov. 01, 2008, and first flight on May 16, 2009. Brian Koldyk was at the controls.

She flies great without needing any trim tabs.

George Inman

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