Cessna 140CF-YVK is a Cessna 140 manufactured in 1948. Powered by a Continental C-90-12F factory new in 1964, it is now on condition

The propeller is a McCauley 1A90. It is equipped with Cleveland wheels and brakes and a Maule tail wheel. Top speed is 115 mph but it flies best at 100 mph.

Cessna 140

The history for CF-YVK prior to 1974 is not available. The logs were placed on the car roof and the owner drove off and forgot about them. They were never found. New logs were issued by D.O.T. to the owner, R. Harding of Springbank, AB. CF-YVK was sold to L. Kilroe of St. Paul, AB then to D. Jacobs. I bought it in 1976 from Air Ross Ltd. It was based in Fort Frances, ON until September 1978 when I moved to Winnipeg.

This aircraft has given me a great deal of pleasure and has participated in many fly-ins both scheduled and unscheduled.

Jack Foster