Ercoupe 415CC-GFWB is a 1946 Ercoupe Model 415C Serial No. 330. It left the factory on January 28/46. The total time since new 1617 hrs.

In its original form it had a Continental C75-12F engine with a wood propeller and fabric covered wings. At some time in its life, the engine was changed to a C85-12F, a McCauley 1A90 metal prop was installed and the wings were metalized.

C-GFWB was imported into Canada in 1976. I purchased it in July 1989 and flew it until 1991. At that time I pulled the wings off and started a firewall back restoration that included converting the wings back to fabric covering as well as removing as much unnecessary weight as possible. That took until Oct 1998 before it flew again and with the weight reduction, the performance on the first flight was truly impressive. The coupe literally leapt into the air and handled extremely well in every facet of flight.

Flight Deck

In the summer of 1999, C-GFWB was featured in an article in Canadian Aviation Quarterly magazine as the "Economical Ercoupe". The much misunderstood Ercoupe remains one of the best bargains in general aviation today and ranks as one of the most satisfying aircraft to fly and own. Nothing is more gratifying than taking an Ercoupe out for a leasurely flight on a calm summer evening, with the windows "rolled" down.

Vic Prefontaine

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