Rans Courier

C-IHJD is a Rans Courier S7-S powered by a Rotax 912S (100 hp). It is named after the Helio Courier since it is also very STOL. With an empty weight of just over 700# (on wheels) it certainly lives up to its reputation. It routinely gets off the ground in less than 50í in the winter and off the water in 6-8 seconds. Comfortable cruise is 105 to 110 mph with the ability to reach the VNE of 130 mph thanks to the carbon fiber, in-flight adjustable/constant speed prop by Woodcomp. Fully loaded, climb is easily 1000 fpm. It is very easy on fuel running around 4 gal/hr. Stall speed, with one notch of flap, is 36 mph. I had amphibious floats rigged by the Rans dealer. I also have a set of Federal 1500-A skis that get a good workout each winter.

I am the first owner of the aircraft and flew it home from the dealer in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in May of 2007. This was a very eventful trip that would be best described under another cover.

Rans Courier

I fly regularly to my cottage in N.W Ontario and thoroughly enjoy the scenery and great fishing (year round). I put on 100 hours per year and canít get enough flying in!

Don Stefanchuk

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